Solar Powered Incubators


In October 2011, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced a call-for-proposals for participation in the hpc4energy incubator pilot program. The hpc4energy incubator pilot program will establish a no-cost partnership between a national laboratory and selected energy companies to demonstrate the benefits of incorporating HPC modeling and simulation into technology development.

From an initial group of 30 Letters of Intent, Lawrence Livermore chose six partners in March 2012. Energy sectors represented by these partner companies include:

  • Energy-efficient buildings
  • Carbon capture, utilization and sequestration
  • Liquid fuel combustion
  • Smart grid technology, power storage and renewable energy integration

The goal of the hpc4energy incubator is to increase and streamline access to the national laboratories. Doing so will help the U.S. research establishment improve American economic competitiveness by focusing their expertise and know-how on spurring innovation and advancing energy technologies.

Lawrence Livermore is pleased to announce the winners of the hpc4energy incubator’s Call for Proposals. The laboratory has selected six promising projects for collaboration with Lawrence Livermore’s HPC resources and teams of computational and domain scientists. Lawrence Livermore is currently working with the following companies to innovate and advance energy technologies. Click below for an update on their results.